280. My holiday

1. září 2011 v 20:23 | Elevanse |  Diary
Hello my friens! :) Because there is school comming and I must practise my skills, I am writting you a special article about my summer holiday. I hope you'll like it! ;)
In the first half of my holiday I was often at home and taking care about my small garden. I tried to cook some food, too. If I mastered this? Yes, it was very easy for me. I cooked for example cakes, stuffed zuchinni, fruit dumplings (plums), pancakes etc.
In the second half of my holiday I was with my grandparents. They have a small farm so I tried to help them. I had to feed animals, concretely two cows, two pigs, one rooster and fifteen hens. But I had some problems with two pigs. Because they were allways impatient and wanted some food. So I had to take a broom, open the door and pushed them with a broom in the corner. And now I threw them their food and fastly removed from their place and closed door. I was allways so afraid of this action. Next problem was a rooster and one crazy hen. Every time I went near them, they firstly looked at me and than they ran to me and started bite my legs. So they were very dangerous, too.
When I came back from my grandparents, where I was two weeks, I must two week relaxed.

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1 *Geminy* *Geminy* | Web | 6. září 2011 v 19:48 | Reagovat

Chudáku tebe pokousala slepice ? :D

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